The Aftermath 1st Year Anniversary Party

04-01-2020 03:28PM

The Aftermath is 1 year old already! We will be celebrating its 1st birthday at 11pm. There will be many fun bands and performers starting from 7pm and don't forget the 2 hours of free beers from 7pm-8pm and 10pm-11pm!

  • Date: Saturday, July 11th 2020
  • Time: 9:00PM
  • Venue: The Aftermath
  • Address: L/G, 57-59 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong
  • Price: Free


  • Pr!sm
  • Cry!Romeo
  • Say Mosquito
  • Other Theories
  • Two Finger Salute
  • Franklin Telescope
  • The Flying Daggers


  • Tamby Chan
  • Garron Chiu
  • Ailee Slater
  • Penny Poutine
  • Marina Petracor
  • Stuart Palm the Oracle